Thank you all so much for attending the Managing Your Child’s Anxiety Webinar. Thank you for your very positive feedback and of course your interaction on the evening.

Please find your downloadables and links to the articles mentioned.

Anxiety WebinarSLIDEDECK

Worry Worm 6-9 

The Worry Jar 6-9

Move Your Mood 6-9

The Weather 6-9

Worry Grid

Identifying Stress

Self Talk

Handling Change

Identifying Stress

Links to the articles are:

You can download and print off to use these resources at home, these are designed to start the conversation with your child. If you are worried about any disclosures your child might make to you and you feel they are of a serious nature please contact your GP.

We will be running this webinar again on the last Monday of each month at 7pm.

For all our educators who would like more information on the Children’s Mental Health CPD for teachers, here is the link

Thank You