It's great to have you onboard. We've designed an eight module Children's Mental Wellbeing CPD for teachers. It takes a whole team approach to mental wellbeing in schools.Aimed at educators who work with primary school children. The program includes eight modules, each focusing on a different aspect of mental wellbeing and how they can be supported in the classroom.

This program has been beta tested with 85 primary school teachers they have given feedback, and found them insightful. The courses are structured in a way that is easy-to-follow, meaning teachers can complete them at their own pace. The content is varied, so there's something for every type of teacher. All of the program is interactive and on-demand  - meaning they're engaging and fun!

Our CPD programme will offer you:


Get everything you need to deliver our award-winning evidence-led programme to your students with age appropriate lesson plans and resources 


Learn from our experienced facilitators how best to deliver the programme based on feedback from students across  Irish primary schools.  


Get the on-going help and support you need from our training coordinator via our online training platform with cutting-edge video support technology

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