Who are we?

We are an award-winning, not-for-profit, prioritising primary school Children’s Mental Well-being by educating them with evidence-led lessons on topics such as Independent Thinking, Fostering Friendship, How to be Emotionally Intelligent and Managing their Feelings, Emotional Intelligence, Understanding Anxiety, and How to Deal with Anger.

The “Children’s Mental Wellbeing” Program has eight modules, it is online, it is self accessed, age-appropriate and on-demand for busy teachers and carers. They will gain the skills to design lesson plans and be confident to teach the program to their students.

COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about the mental wellbeing of a generation of children. But the pandemic may represent the tip of a mental health iceberg – an iceberg we have ignored for far too long, being pioneers in the sector we have the skills, expertise and passion to achieve our goals and spark that change.

Proudly as a social enterprise, we operate to meet a social need. Social enterprises generate profits that are reinvested back into the organisation to reach the beneficiaries, in our case, primary school children, rather than distributed among shareholders.

“Small steps creating big change”







Our Program

The Children’s Mental Wellbeing program is a suite of universal, age appropriate, early intervention resources that seek to promote a culture of self-expression, listening, tolerance, resilience, and mutual support and is taught by teachers in their classroom. It is online, age-appropriate and on-demand. The aim is to  foster compassion and resilience in children and give them to the soft skills and coping tools to communicate and understand their feelings. For more details on the Children’s Mental Wellbeing program for primary school children click to learn more.


Since 2020 we have been supported by many wonderful organisations who are joining in on our mission to prioritising Children’s Mental Health. The RTE Comic Relief Fund with The Community Foundation for Ireland, The National Lottery and we are very proud indeed to be part of Rethink Ireland’s Start Up Fund.

By teaching children as young as three years old, we aim to tackle the stigma surrounding mental wellbeing in Ireland; and in doing so, change our culture for generations to come.

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Our vision is a future where each child is supported to thrive throughout their school years in a community that priorities their mental health.


Interested in an online Children’s Mental Health training with a full programme of age-appropriate lesson plans, resources and support?


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